Add a candle each day, or go full-on glitter when the spirit moves you. 

Add a candle each day, or go full-on glitter when the spirit moves you. 

We designed these special sets of nail decals and temporary tattoos to make Hanukkah a little bit brighter for students who will spend the holiday completing exams and writing papers. We think these are beyond fun - and they capture the spirit of Hanukkah & share it with the world in a way that we want to share with our donors. 

If you supported jU with a gift of $18 or more this year, we will be sending you a set of our decals and tattoos to enjoy. If you haven't already given, it's not too late to become a donor -- you have until December 1st to get your gift in before we send them out!

If you're dying to get your hands on some of these goodies, please donate via PayPal using the link at the top of our website, and fill out this google form to order your decals as a thank-you gift!

Email kirsten@juchicago.org if you have any questions.

Thanks for sharing your gelt with us!

Swap 'til You Drop

Over 100 students attended jU's 4th clothing swap on November 20th, held on the first floor of University Church. 

At our clothing swap events, we collect donations from students, who trade clothes with one another for a fun, eco-friendly, budget-friendly wardrobe refresh. After the swapping has ended, we donate leftover clothing to the Trans Life Center, a great organization that was suggested by several of our student interns. 

At this swap, we also handed out thrifted sweaters (some ugly, others not-so-much) as an early Hanukkah-gift! 

Back to School 2015: Sukk-cess!

This week, more than 200 students spent time relaxing and celebrating in jU’s sukkah on the quad. Throught Spring Quarter, our interns worked together to design our Sukkot celebration, which they named “rejUvenate”. The sukkah was designed to be a refuge in the wilderness of UChicago’s first week of fall quarter; a place where students were met with snacks, guidance (including literal directions to first-years looking for buildings around campus!), and a variety of surprises designed to promote create a cozy, safe, and warm environment for students to celebrate Sukkot together.



Inside the sukkah, we gave out zines explaining the history and traditions associated with Sukkot, along with the values that shaped our celebration this year. We also gave out meticulously thrifted flannel shirts and sweaters (customized with special jU tags) to provide an extra layer of warmth during the first chilly week of the season. Throughout the week, we also set up a station where students could choose from a box of colorful stationery and write letters to their loved ones, which we collected and mailed for free.


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.57.56 PM.png


On Wednesday evening, we shared a hearty Ethiopian meal in the Sukkah, which was illuminated by glow-sticks. One student said, “I came here and I was cold, and jU gave me a sweater!”

jU Sponsors Over 100 events during 2014-15 school year!

More than 675 individual students attended over 100 jU-sponsored events during the 2014-2015 school year. Events included intimate home-based Shabbat dinners between friends (and sometimes with rad celebrity guests such as professor Hillary Chute and Dillan Siegler from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics), festive holiday brunches, book clubs, Hebrew study groups, clothing swaps, cooking groups, and even an improv club!

2015 Seder Round-Up!

jU's approach is to empower students to create their own meaningful Jewish experiences. Through our Do-It-Yourself Seder program, we give student hosts the opportunity to plan and host their own Seders, from the menu to the Haggadah to the guests. jU provides reimbursement for food and printing, along with ritual items like our special UChicago-themed Seder plate. We also host Seder planning workshops, and jU staff members make themselves available to students to provide guidance throughout the process. 

This year was the Seder program's second successful run -- hundreds of students attended jU-sponsored Seders! Here are a few photos of different ways that students made their Seders unique.

For more photos, check out our album on Facebook.

Host a Passover Seder in your Apartment or Dorm

It's that time of year again! We're looking to connect with students who want to host Passover seders in their dorms or apartments. Passover is the first week of Spring Quarter. We're able to offer hosts the following: financial support ($12 per guest for food, $50 for printing/copying costs), ritual items (a seder kit featuring a UChicago-themed seder plate) and consulting to help hosts create an unforgettable seder experience.