Back to School 2015: Sukk-cess!

This week, more than 200 students spent time relaxing and celebrating in jU’s sukkah on the quad. Throught Spring Quarter, our interns worked together to design our Sukkot celebration, which they named “rejUvenate”. The sukkah was designed to be a refuge in the wilderness of UChicago’s first week of fall quarter; a place where students were met with snacks, guidance (including literal directions to first-years looking for buildings around campus!), and a variety of surprises designed to promote create a cozy, safe, and warm environment for students to celebrate Sukkot together.



Inside the sukkah, we gave out zines explaining the history and traditions associated with Sukkot, along with the values that shaped our celebration this year. We also gave out meticulously thrifted flannel shirts and sweaters (customized with special jU tags) to provide an extra layer of warmth during the first chilly week of the season. Throughout the week, we also set up a station where students could choose from a box of colorful stationery and write letters to their loved ones, which we collected and mailed for free.


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.57.56 PM.png


On Wednesday evening, we shared a hearty Ethiopian meal in the Sukkah, which was illuminated by glow-sticks. One student said, “I came here and I was cold, and jU gave me a sweater!”