250+ Students Attend jU Seders During Passover!

18 students signed up to host seders in their homes over the week of Passover. The hosts attended a seder workshop sponsored by jU to help them think about what kind of seder experience they wanted to create, plus funding for food and printing, and ritual items (including a custom UChicago-themed seder plate). 

Seders happened in student homes and dorms; some were formal, seated affairs, while others went for a desert tent vibe. Some students cooked gefilte fish from scratch, while others roasted lamb. Some incorporated traditions from their families, while others used the structure of the seder to explore the meaning of social justice, oppression and freedom. Some were raucous celebrations (a Passover play, "throwing" of the plagues), some were learner's seders, and some were poignant explorations of the Haggadah (and some were a combination of all three).

These seders were informed by the creativity and vision of the students who hosted them, and we couldn't have been prouder to support these students in creating Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers!

One student seder host wrote, "We decided early on that we didn't want to skimp on any of the Jewish content portions of the seder, so we spent a good deal of time explaining and debating the significance of a lot of really interesting elements of the seder. One of us did a short activity that touched on her BA topic, and the food was amazing. It honestly may have been the most substantively Jewish thing that any of us have done all year long...we are all insanely happy with how it all went."

Another wrote, "I'm not sure that we would have hosted a seder on our own had we not had JUChicago's support/idea, so thank you so, so much! I'm really just so thrilled that we could share this experience with a few of our friends. Thank you!"

Check out the full gallery of student seder pictures here