670+ Students Served by jUChicago in 2013-14 Academic Year

In our second year on campus, we've made it a priority to gather as much data about the students who engage with jU-supported programs as possible. While numbers aren't the only thing that matters, we were blown away to tally them up at the end of this academic year and find that over 670 unique students have participated in Jewish experiences created by student interns and jU Staff.

These experiences happen in student apartments and dorms, in on-campus spaces, restaurants and coffee shops. The vast majority of them are created by students, or with strong input from students. They encompass everything from home-cooked Shabbat meals to Jewish yoga to nature walks.

We believe that students are the experts at engaging other students, and we think that this year's numbers are a good indication that, together with our student interns, we're building a highly effective model for Jewish engagement on campus.