More Than Maus: The Wonderful world of Jewish Comix

The first this Quarter of a series of monthly events, the ladies of the jU Chicago House present, "More Than Maus: The Wonderful world of Jewish Comix." 

The event on Sunday, January 20th at 3pm will be hosted at the "jU House" just a few blocks from campus. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to read and learn about the history, theory, and practice of Jewish involvement and innovation in the world of underground and alternative comics (or, comix, as they are often known). They will look at work by cartoonists such as Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Harvey Pekar, Art Spiegelman, and more. Guests will also be able to create comic strips in a workshop setting with special guest Danya Lagos (AB ’12), as she demonstrates how to use many of the tools and tricks of the trade.

To RSVP, please visit their Facebook event page

Stay tuned for a glimpse of next month's jU House event!