Purim: A Holiday of Revealing Hidden Identities

For Purim, jU is teaming up with ArtShould to create an artistic display of the faces we put forth to the world and the secrets they conceal. 

Here's how students can participate: 

  • Get a "secret kit." Kits will be distributed in Reynolds Club.
  • What's your secret? Write it on a postcard.
  • What identity do you hide behind? Write it on the mask.
  • Return the mask & postcard to a box on campus labeled "jU Purim Masks."

Check our Facebook page to find out more about the final display of masks. 

And don't miss our Purim Pushcart featuring a fun Purim puppet show, Friday 2/22 at 3pmSunday 2/24 at 2pm and Monday 2/25 at 3pm in Hutch Courtyard