What jU Interns Learned this Quarter

All quarter long, our delightful jU interns went through a four-step design thinking process (empathy, define, ideate & prototype) with the aim of re-imagining what our Sukkot experience on campus might look like for next fall. Also--and maybe this goes without saying--we ate a lot of snacks.

1. Empathy: We built the Sukkah together, observed students interacting with it, and interviewed some folks who were there about their experience with the holiday and with our Sukkah.

2. Define: We decided that we wanted to come up with a Sukkah experience that would allow the busy but inquisitive Jews of UChicago to learn something new about Sukkot in only a few minutes.

3. Ideate: We practiced building ideas together as a group by learning about the art of improv, and then generated hundreds of ideas via collaborative brainstorming.

4. Prototype: After voting for the best themes (Environmentalism/Sustainability, Storytelling & Food), we split into three groups to develop prototypes of Sukkot experiences inspired by each of these themes.

This process allowed us to learn about Sukkot and practice a process by which a group can generate and build strong ideas together, and gave us a chance to inhabit the role of Jewish ritual innovators.